Garment Care

Mink Garment Care Blackglama® mink is unsurpassed for its durability and beauty. Minimal care is required to ensure long wear and beauty. When stored at home use a suitably sized broad hanger, making certain the garment is surrounded by plenty of space.

On every purchase of a mink coat from P.K.Z Furs SA you always receive a special hunger as well as a high quality cloth bag at the size of your garment that allows proper ventilation for the storage of you garment. Mink should be stored away from direct light. Never store mink in plastic. To fluff a garment, shake out gently. Never use a comb or brush. If a mink garment gets damp, hang it immediately in an airy, cool place. Never place mink near heat, as it will dull the fur and make the leather brittle. If the fur gets wet, have a furrier care for it immediately. The most prudent way to ensure good mink care is to choose a reputable furrier who has the experience and facilities to care for mink. A mink coat could be stored in your furrier’s vault for summer. Please contact for further information.

Periodically, mink should be professionally cleaned. This is also an ideal time to have the garment thoroughly inspected for any small tears or other needed repairs. Most professional furriers acknowledge that annual cleaning and repair will add years to the garment’s life. A mink garment is an excellent and durable investment. All it requires is minimal care to protect it. The highest quality mink can long outlast the style of a garment. A garment made with Blackglama® mink is so durable; it can be restyled to provide many more years of use.