Founded in 1965 in Kastoria by Christos Papadopoulos one of the most talented entrepreneurs in the fur industry of the past decades. P.K.Z Furs S.A. has achieved recognition obtaining remarkable acknowledgements from the market and from the most important dealers in the international fur industry, as one of the leading Greek-Kastorian fur manufacturing companies worldwide. It designs, manufactures, distributes wholesale-retail fashion and lifestyle garments including Atelier Haute Couture, prêt-a-porter, made-to-order, special oversized, men’s and kids lines..

The Vision Innovative, classy sophisticated designs, fine craftsmanship and awarded auction pelts identify the Christos Papadopoulos PKZ Furs S.A. couture lines and the houses philosophy about high standards of quality, long-term classic designs and contemporary fashion lines through each individual piece. Decorative metal details applied by hand convey impact status and individuality express unique and superlative quality with the well-recognized distinctive emblem of the P.K.Z antelope logo. To guarantee the quality of the couture collection, PKZ Furs S.A. has a close and strict control on every production stage that is observed the international terms according to ISO9001: 2000. Greek Fur The “Made in Greece – Produced in Kastoria” mark is warranted by the fact that the garments have been produced exclusively in PKZ’s own dedicated manufacturing factory, where local skilled professional staff, highly qualified in the Kastorian traditional craftsmanship nowadays utilizing the most advanced technologies with the state of art resources are committed to the perfect execution of every process that allow PKZ to control every aspect from inception to finished garment.

The pursuit for perfection is the ultimate aim of the company. The constant and tireless presence of Chistos Papadopoulos at the management and his daughter Maria who personally control the key positions of the production is a warranty of quality on each product. The presence of the company to the American Legend’s Shows is a proof of the high acknowledgements obtained by PKZ at international level.

Maria Papadopoulou, Sales Director at PKZ Furs