Blackglama ®

There is no fur in the world so refined, so luxurious, yet so ver satile, as mink.

American Legend mink brands stands for the best North American origin mink in the world. What is it about Blackglama® mink that makes it different from other mink? How is it that everyone knows Blackglama® mink is the finest in the world? The prestige and pleasure of wearing a mink garment that is the acknowledged world leader for luxury, beauty, warmth, weightless, supple and durability, is increased by selecting the very finest dark mink in the world – Blackglama® mink.

“What is Blackglama® ?

Although the brand and what it represents – unsurpassed quality – are extremely well known, there are some consumer who don’t realize that Blackglama® refers to the mink – as opposed to the designer or manufacturer – and that a Blackglama® mink is naturally dark in color and not dyed Black. Over the past forty years the Blackglama® name has been synonymous with the beauty and unsurpassed quality that each piece embodies. Blackglama® has become truly icon ic and inspirational, a symbol of class and style. “ What Becomes a Legend Most” Blackglama® and “What Becomes a Legend Most” are registered trademarks of the American Legend Cooperative. Blackglama® mink are sold exclusively through American Legend Auctions and are bought by the most discriminating manufacturers and design houses in the world. The prestigious Blackglama® label is awarded to only the finest North American dark ranch-raised mink available.